A brief update

Although it has been more than two months since my last post to this blog [apologies for that], I have received regular email notifications of people following it. I admit that my first feeling was disbelief: that can’t be right, I thought, who would want to read or follow this blog? I became convinced that these were all bots that had somehow found their way to my site [apologies to those of you who are not bots]. But then it occurred to me that I might put the question of what to write next to any of you who occasionally read this blog. So, without further ado, I have created a poll whereby you can exercise some degree of agency in shaping the immediate future of this blog.


I confess that I am doing this partly because I have been unsure about what to set my hand to next, and partly because I have been engaged with writing about a personal project I began over a year ago called The Year of Difficult Things. While you are waiting for me to write about whatever you all decide you want to read about next, you might check out what I am writing over there.

I have included on the poll some things that I hinted earlier that I’d like to write about (archival discoveries debunking the myth of the origin of the inscription on Emerson Hall; our copy of the death mask of Blaise Pascal, etc) but I have also included something a bit more timely (the flap that erupted over the letter in support of Avital Ronell, the subject of a Title IX complaint) since one of this blog’s most popular posts seems to be the one I wrote called “At the margins of the Hypatia controversy.” I’m not really sure what I have to say about the Ronell letter, but I will happily write something if that’s what you’d like to read.

So go and vote. The poll will be open for a week, after which I will write about the topic that has received the most votes. Thanks!



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